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purpleworld8's Journal

Living in a purple world

30 June
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  • purpleworld8@livejournal.com
I love listening to music, reading, watching TV and movies, making artwork, hanging out with my family and friends, travelling, surfing the web etc.

You can leave me comments in English, French or Dutch.
Vous pouvez me laisser des commentaires en français, anglais ou néerlandais.
Je kan me berichten nalaten in het Nederlands, het Engels of het Frans.


My resource list can be found here.

If you like making icons, then make sure to check out these communities.

actress_ic (Actresses)
birthday_celebs (Celebrities)
castle_icontest (TV: Castle) *
ebstills (Twilight: Edward & Bella/Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart) *
germany_ic (Germany) *
hunger_icontest (Movies/Books: The Hunger Games) *
iconstillness (Stock)
movie_stillness (Movies) *
ouat_stills (TV: Once Upon a Time)
pll_stillness (TV: Pretty Little Liars & Ravenswood)
post_itt (Stock) *
seasons_contest (Stock) *
smallscreenic (TV Shows) *
stewart_stills (Kristen Stewart) *
taylorchallenge (Taylor Swift) *
tv_movie_icons (TV/Movies)
tvshowsic (TV Shows)
twilight_con (Movies/Books: Twilight saga)
vsa_ichallenge (Victoria Secret's Angels) *
wizard_icontest (Movies/Books: Harry Potter series) *
you_choose_ic (Miscellaneous) *

* On hiatus/not in activity/closed

None of them are mine. I'm just a member but I'm sure the mods of these communities won't mind having some more members.