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Gigi Hadid for females20in20 (round 08)

negative space vibrant replaced background double big text

splash of colour guilty pleasure hair cold weapon

Category Set
1 bronze 2 cobalt 3 copper 4 gold 5 silver

AC Set
1 2 3 4 5

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Previous entry: Brie Larson
These are gorgeous! I love your coloring - so pretty! I love your AC set, replaced background, negative space, guilty pleasure & cold.
Nice! I like replaced background, ac 2,5.
Dear member of http://females20in20.livejournal.com/,
feel free to sign up for the brave new round, round 10 - http://females20in20.livejournal.com/66201.html,
the round will last longer than usual round, it will finish around 10th January, but will last longer if needed.
This is an anniversary round for females20in20, that's why it's a free round, focused on Christmas and New Year's Resolutions.
Merry Christmas!