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Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good time with your friends and family during the holiday season. I wish you all a happy New Year! May all your wishes come true.

Here is my first post in 2011.

20 Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson icons for actors20in20



in profile duotone negative space black and white half/half
happiness hug distant dramatic look away

#1 #2 #3e #4 #5

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

* Comments are loved.
* Credit if you use one. This is how you should do it:

* If you save some, it would be nice to leave a comment.
* Don't hotlink. Upload them on your own image hosting website (Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic etc.)
* Don't steal. Credit is mandatory.
* Do NOT repost them on other sites like Tumblr, fanpop etc.
* Don't edit or claim as your own.
* The textless icons are NOT bases.

Good job, my favourite is in Profile (like the coloring there).
Thank you!
love the crop in ac1! half/half and collage are great as well :)
Gracias! :D
great icons!

love duotone, cat#2 and ac#4 **
Thank you! I really like your icon! :)
Lovely icons! I love Dramatic and your Category set. :) Beautiful work!
Thank you! :)
Lovely icons! <3
I like your Category set :)
Thank you! :)
Nice icons. I especially like "hug" and "dramatic".
Thank you! :D
i love your coloring! especially collage #1 and ac#5
Thank you so much! :D